46 Beautiful Privacy Backyard Wood Fence Ideas

backyard fence ideas 44

backyard fence ideas 44

Wood is one of the unique materials in the property. The appearance of natural materials of wood, generally makes the reason a lot of people to use this material as one element of the House. Wood is commonly used for window sills and the fence of the House.

To get a beautiful and perfect fence though made of wood, you need to perform the selection of wood with high quality criteria.

Wood Can Be Used As A Fence

Variant of wood that can be used as a fence maker among other types of merbau, camphor, ulin, damar laut, cedar, Cypress, mahogany, teak, or even bamboo.

Of the above materials, bamboo is the most inexpensive materials that can be digunakana as pagar home but please note because bamboo has a weakness of the fragile and easily damaged easily.

To produce quality wood fencing that perfect presumably you need to select the materials quality is good because later the fence will be located outside the space. Strong sunlight and rain water can make the wood rotted quickly and quality is not great when it is porous.

If you’re worried about quality, wood fence bermaterial ulin wood could be an option. Ulin wood has the best quality wood has the nature of iron as it does so, also known as iron wood.


Ulin wood will also sink in water because of its weight. Ulin wood is now very rare and protected. This wood is very special because it has a resistance to weather and will grow stronger if exposed to water and does not require extra care.

Avoid the use of wood is not officially a result of illegal logging. Choose wood that has the legal and official documents

Ulin wood has a very expensive price of up to a dozen million dollars. Ulin wood which has the best quality comes from Borneo region of Sulawesi.

Wood that has the best quality both as a fence after the ulin wood, namely wood merbau, teak wood, then resin and wood sea camphor.

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